An Italian company is releasing a tablet computer especially to help "young housewives" have "fun in the kitchen." Fun indeed!

The Alessi Tab, according to a company press release, has many applications:

In family will find applications of interest to them as young housewives of new technology enthusiasts, connoisseurs of cinema and music, as those who are having fun in the kitchen, the fanatics of the Internet as those not familiar with technology.

(Yes, we used Google Translate there, which we're aware makes everything sound silly.) Brennon Slattery of the Good Men Project calls this a "blatantly sexist marketing scheme" — but to be fair to Alessi, the bit about the young housewives is apparently only part of its Alessi marketing. The tablet is also for music-lovers! And the fanatics of the Internet! It's hard to tell across the language barrier, but it seems like the only truly sexist thing about the press release is the idea that housewives can't also be new technology enthusiasts, or connoisseurs of cinema and music. If Alessi really wants to position the Alessi Tab as "the center of advanced communication of the house of the third millennium," it should probably emphasize that all kinds of people can enjoy its many features equally. But hey, at least it's not pink.

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