Finally A REAL Christmas Miracle: Dog Rescued At Sea

OK, I'm going to warn you. This one will get all those tears going. But it's totally worth it, I promise.


According to EDP24, two labs named Quila and her pup Sunni were out walking with their owner, Mike Jenner, when they spotted a seal in the waters off the north Norfolk coast in the UK.

So being Labs who constantly live in a mental state that is basically OH BOY A BALL OH BOY A CAR OH BOY A STICK OH BOY A SHOE, they bounded off into the waters to play with this new awesomely wonderful thing they had discovered. But unfortunately for them, the waters were rough and tide was high. Jenner frantically waded in after them, but only managed to get Sunni safely back on shore.

Jenner even tried to get a couple of kayakers to help him out, but they couldn't get the eight-year-old dog to turn back either. What happened next is basically every dog lover's worst nightmare—Jenner's beloved dog slipped away from his sight in the icy waters. I shuddered just from writing that.

He went home, with a broken heart, to tell his family that she was gone.

But that's when a miracle happened. Volunteeers from the RNLI lifeboat station in Happisburgh learned of the dog's disappearance and scrambled into action. Turns out, Quila had made it to a reef and was stranded there. The video above shows the dramatic rescue. SERIOUSLY WATCH THE VIDEO AT 1:25 FOR THE LOOK ON THE DOG'S FACE OMG. Jenner had no clue about the rescue until a neighbor spotted a sign that officials had rescued a dog. And boom, just like that, the family was reunited with their pet.

So finally, a real bonafide Christmas miracle. Just in time for the eggnog I spiked to be served to my friends and family!

Oh, and this is where I interject like a busybody and preach my belief that dogs should never ever be off leash, especially in an open space. They are animals, they are unpredictable and I have watched my own beloved babies go running out into traffic chasing after stupid stuff, too. That's just my opinion and of course, there are people who disagree and believe that they can control their pets just fine in those types of situations. But let's not sit up here on Christmas Eve and argue about all that right now. Let's just lean over and kiss our closest furry loved one and thank the Universe that they're safe and sound with us this evening.


Evynne McCallum

I almost lost my mastiff and three cats to a fire in my apartment this week, literally my worst nightmare came true, coming home to my a fire with my animals dead inside. I have followed jez for quite some time, and have always been to nervous to comment. This touched my heart.