Filmmaker Tests Theory That Hot Girls Really Have It Easy

We've all heard the supposed-statistics about how plain-looking women earn less than attractive ones. To test whether hot ladies truly have the upper hand in life, Carolyn spent a weekend doing everything twice: once as her regular, make-up free self; and a second time dressed in a teeny-tiny dress, with her hair done and a full face of makeup — her "sexy self." The result is this kinda-oldie-but-goodie doc for Current TV. Guess what happens.


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This was interesting viewing, but like the commenters below have pointed out, she changed her entire demeanour between "characters", not just her appearance.

Also, can we officially retire the "being beautiful = your life being awesome, amazing and trouble-free" thingie? Because it's obviously not true, and antagonises everybody. Plenty of discussions here on Jezebel have shown that as long as discourse about "beauty privilege" remains stuck at this level, women who are conventionally attractive and know it will be very reluctant to acknowledge they have privilege over unattractive women (or even average-looking women). Because rather than it simply being a case of on top of all the hazards associated with being a modern gal they don't have to deal with the ramifications of being considered ugly in addition to everything else, they feel like they're being accused of having an easy life full stop, or supporting the patriarchy, or of women being hostile because they're jealous, and nobody likes an argument devolving into "Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful"/"Why the fuck not?" amirite?