Fifty Shades Tickets Are Selling Like Handcuff-Shaped Hotcakes

Illustration for article titled iFifty Shades /iTickets Are Selling Like Handcuff-Shaped Hotcakes

I honestly thought this thing might flop and yet here we are: preorders for Fifty Shades of Grey tickets are downright bananas.


Variety reports that, with almost a month left before the film hits theaters, it's already the fastest-selling R-rated movie Fandango's ever seen, beating Sex and the City 2 (lol)and the Hangover sequels. It's also "having the biggest first week of ticket sales on Fandango for a non-sequel film since the first 'Hunger Games' movie debuted in 2012."

This is where I confess that Team Jezebel contributed to this state of affairs, because we pre-ordered nine tickets to see this absurd cultural document on opening night. OUR BAD.


Image via AP.

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All Corgis All the Time

I 100% mean it when I said I'm going to see this, toward the end of it's run, on a Monday afternoon, and sit in the back of the theater with a drink and my twitter account. And I will tweet the sweet, sweet love I'm witnessing on screen.