Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Left Missouri Show Due To Anxiety

Camila Cabello abruptly left her Fifth Harmony compatriots mid-concert Friday night due to a bout of anxiety.


According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

During the group’s show Friday night at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, the inaugural NOW96.3 NOW Night Out event, Fifth became Fourth when singer Camila Cabello left the stage shortly after “Bo$$” with several songs left in the set.

One of her fellow singers quickly said Cabello had a wardrobe malfunction, which sounded great in the moment — were it not for the fact that Cabello never returned.


E! adds that she took to Snapchat to apologize to her fans.

“Hi Missouri, sorry I couldn’t finish the set last night,” she wrote. “Was having too much anxiety and couldn’t finish it.”

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Laurie Hernandez threw out the first pitch at Saturday’s New York Mets game, adding a whimsical flourish before launching the ball...nowhere near the plate.


That’s fine though, because I would have thrown the ball like that without the aerial cartwheel.


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Some mundane observations: 1. The increasingly common phenomenon of world class athletes throwing baseball’s with all the dexterity and coordination of a blind baby monkey on mescaline proves without a doubt that particular athletes have very singular athletic talents, and that athleticism as a concept is not universal outside of freaks of nature like Bo Jackson. 2. Millions of people deal with anxiety. This sounds like a full blown panic attack. Which if true, breaks my heart. I had hundreds during a span in my early thirties and I know of nothing as painful or terrifying as being utterly convinced, every single time, that death is imminent, that you are disconnected from the world, and that life is simply unbearable. 3. Happy Labor Day friends.