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Fergie wants to go back to being Stacy Ann Ferguson, since names, like marriages, don’t always last forever.


According to TMZ, Fergie asked in her divorce documents to switch her name back from Fergie Duhamel, which she officially changed in 2013. At the time, she’d been married to her husband, Josh Duhamel, for around five years.

Fergie—sorry, Stacy?—filed for divorce from Duhamel on Friday, though it’s been a long time coming, since the two haven’t actually been together in two years.


Stacy is also requesting joint custody of their son, Axl. Hopefully when the time comes, she can walk him through how to shed that name for something he likes better, like...literally anything.


JoJo is working on her new album, which can’t come soon enough for me personally. She posted several photos on Instagram today that I guess are meant to depict her “finding her people” and “creating stuff you’re proud of.” If by that she means that fire-tipped manicure, she should be proud! I want that.

She says it’s going to be “the best thing [she’s] ever made,” and I believe her!


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