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It’s a great week for advertorial and things of that nature, so why not check in with Fergie, whose family apparently has its own wine line (???) that she wants to talk about. Billboard has the story (“Fergie and Her Family Are in the Wine Business”), which, not to be rude but it must be said, opens with a baldfaced lie: “If Fergie is synonymous with one thing, it’s glamour in every sense of the word.”


The piece transitions clunkily from a discussion about a Bahamas resort she just performed at (which is mentioned 13 times in the story, including picture captions) to her family’s wine dynasty (wine-asty, for those in the know):

Speaking of drinks, what do you like to drink personally before or after a show?

I definitely love a glass of Ferguson Crest after the show, for sure! [laughs]

That’s your family’s wine, right?

Yeah! It’s a boutique wine, so it’s not mainstream, but we’re very proud of it. It’s great wine.


Cool non-mainstream wine brag—kinda like bragging about listening to the Black Eyed Peas way back in the day...before Fergie joined [laughs]. Later on in the interview, Fergie says, “I just designed the label, of course, because I had to get my creative juices flowing, if you will.” This is an audacious word choice from someone who once peed herself onstage and later admitted it, and frankly I’m proud of her for being bold enough to go there.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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