Female Viewers Give ​Gone Girl and Annabelle Strong Opening Weekend

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This weekend, Gone Girl and Annabelle hit theaters, raking in $38 million and $37.2 million respectively, a good showing for October releases. Turns out both films were a hit with women, who—as it turns out—enjoy going to see movies! Who knew?


For the record, no one expected these films to do so well—they were projected to open at around $20 million each. Both films good a pretty good showing from female viewers—60% of Gone Girl's audience was female, 75% over the age of 25 and 67% white. 51% of the horror movie Annabelle's crowd was female. Via Variety:

"Once again, female audience are driving the box office and not just with young adult movies or films aimed just at women, such as romantic comedies," said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak. "The female audience is vitally important to the health of the business."

Uh, yep. That sounds correct, yes. Meanwhile, Left Behind raked in $6.9million. And that's all I have to say about Left Behind, I guess.


Rosamund Pike was phenomenal! Her portrayal of Amy was spot on for how I pictured her when reading the book.