Female Scientists Patiently Explain That Yes, Evolution is Real

Remember this summer, when Miss America contestants were asked if evolution should be taught in our schools, and everyone except for the pinko commie blue state beauty queens responded as though they were being interviewed for the position of news anchor on Fox & Friends, hemming and hawing as though they'd been asked to describe their most recent sexual experience to their parents. (If you can get through the entire video without rolling your eyes once, you're made of stronger stuff than I).

In response, a group of scientists and science writers gathered a dream team of women who work in science to patiently explain what everyone should already know: that evolution is real and should be taught to students in schools. Among their reasons? If we don't understand evolution, we'll all probably someday be killed by ever evolving antibiotic resistant superbugs. Why do you want the children to die, Miss Georgia?

[The SCOPE Team]

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Kat Callahan

Wait, you mean I have to pay attention to smart women? Doing science? With short hair, foreign names, and funny accents?