Female Insect Carries Around Own Sperm Just In Case

Meet the female insect who is able to use her own sperm to procreate — which is quickly causing a serious shortage of males:

The female scale insect (Icerya purchasi) is an independent woman. She carries her own sperm-harbored in tissue passed down through the generations-so she doesn't need a male to have her babies. Scientists have long believed that this unique procreation strategy-scale insects are the only hermaphroditic insects and the only animal in the world to employ such a sperm packet-is harmful to the female, as the "sperm packet" consumes resources in her body that she could otherwise devote to making more eggs.


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It's not like the numbers are actually declining. It's just the rise in these self-sufficient females have given male icerya purchasi no choice but to join the Men Going Their Own Way movement. Scientists just need to head on over to the-spearhead.com to find swarms of them bitching about sperm packets and the evolutionary benefits of sexual reproduction.