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Female-Friendly Android Phone Possibly In The Works

Illustration for article titled Female-Friendly Android Phone Possibly In The Works

Do women need their own cell phones? The makers of the HTC Bliss Verizon Android phone think so, according to tech site This Is My Next. Does it come with yogurt?


The phone, which is greenish and not pink, isn't a done deal — the site's source said focus groups for women in their twenties and thirties are underway for a possible end-of-year launch. A February 2010 study found that three quarters of Android users were male, although I'd be willing to bet the gap has closed as the platform has become more popular with the release of more devices. Back then, Droid ads were intentionally trying to go for dudes, calling the iPhone a "tiara-wearing, digitally clueless beauty pageant queen," and comparing the Droid to a robot, "not a princess."

As for the tentatively-named Bliss phone, whose very existence hasn't been verified, this part is not a joke: "Our source did tell us that the mockups had shopping comparison and calorie counting apps - you know, because every woman watches the pounds." May we suggest a period-tracking app?


It also apparently has a "charm indicator," which is a "cube-shaped device comes with a hook for attaching to a purse or bag," and which lights up when you have a message or missed call. The idea, says ThisIsMyNext, is to "make it easier for women to fish the phone out of that deep purse." They concede, as will we, that this is a good idea for those of us who lose slim phones in giant bags. Whether this is a female-exclusive problem, or one that even affects very many women, will be up to the market if the Bliss ever sees the light.

HTC Bliss: Verizon Android Phone For Women? [This Is My Next]
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Violet Baudelaire

omg about time! other apps i hope it has:

Tape Measure App: so i can make sure I'm pulling my corset tight enough in the morning

Ultrasound App: why make an doctor appointment when I know seeing that little guy will change my mind instantly!?

My Man App: lets me instantly store all of my boyfriend's preferences and information, so I never have to decide anything for myself again!

Rape-o-meter: upload a picture of yourself and see if that outfit you're wearing means you deserve to get a good old fashioned rapin'!

iHarlequin: like the kindle, stanza, or iBook apps, but this one conveniently comes preloaded with the Harlequin romance library, none of that wading through award winners/non fiction nonsense

Recipe Finder: only one recipe needed! Engagement Chicken!!!

lulz i'm so excited! no more trying to wade through this super hard technology world with my little lady brain! this is like the dishwasher was for our moms, guys!