Female Flasher Goes Free Because There's No Proof She's Aroused

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Occasionally the double standard works in women's favor, though that may not be a good thing. Annette Kaiser has been flashing people in Berlin, but police can't do anything about it due to a law that says exposing yourself to people isn't a crime unless you're aroused. A police spokesman breaks the problem down: "If a man drops his trousers, it is easy to see he is excited, but with a woman that is not possible." Kaiser says she feels flashing is freeing, and adds, "I like to show off my body. I give men an eyeful and then I'm quickly gone." What about the dudes, who aren't necessarily interested in getting an eyeful? (There have to be some, right?)


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grace darling

Oh dude, you were doing so well until that last sentence.

Also, I think this is a double-standard that's underpinned by some pretty solid logic. A man who is aroused and flashing a woman is making an implicit threat by flouting sexual and social boundaries. It becomes an act of sexual aggression. This is what is means to live in a rape culture.

A woman who is aroused and flashing a man is still transgressing boundaries, but her actions aren't underpinned by the suggestion that her body can be used as a weapon. Like it or not, there just isn't the same subtext to the act.

Of course, the double-standard is also fed by raunch culture, the male gaze, and the trillion other factors that make female sexual performativity the norm - like, I dunno, a Jezebel writer suggesting that it's a rare man who doesn't enjoy copping an unasked-for eyeful - but I don't think this is one of the instances where some kind of societal truth is revealed when genders are neatly flipped, my-mother-the-surgeon-style.