Female Employees Refile Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart

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Back in June, the US Supreme Court ruled that the female employees who faced sexual discrimination from Wal Mart couldn't legally sue the company as a class. Now, the plaintiffs are regrouping and have mounted a new lawsuit against the big box behemoth.

The Times reports that a new lawsuit has been filed, this time pitting the 90,000 current and former female employees of Wal Mart stores in the state of California against their employer. The suit alleges that they were systematically discriminated against, given fewer advancement opportunities, and paid less than their male counterparts due solely to their sex.

The suit originated 12 years ago, after a female employee found out a less-experienced male colleague with an identical job was being paid $10,000 more than she was. Her corporate superior told her that the disparity was due to the fact that he had important man-things to do, like feed his family and kill woolly mammoths with large, expensive sticks.


Women file new class action bias case against Wal Mart [NYT]

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Sorcia MacNasty

Do they sell large, expensive sticks at Wal-Mart? Where they at? Probably near the ammo and deer blind merch.

I hate Wal-Mart like it's my job.