We love the 32nd Annual Salute to Women in Sports gala, held at The Waldorf-Astoria, because when else besides the Olympics do you get to see such a varied group of female athletes, all together, and dressed in their best?

As most of us probably would if forced to walk a red carpet, many athletes opted for a classic LBD. Lacrosse player Caitlyn McFadden

Field Hockey player Katie O'Donnell


Olympic skier Emily Cook

Luge Olympian Cameron Myler


Others went simple. Olympic figure skater Yuna Kim.

Bowler Kelly Kulick.


Professional Basketball player Nicole Powell

Ice Hockey Olympic medalist Kerry Weiland


A few had fun. Like Olympic short track speed skater Allison Baver.

Swimmer Caitlin Baker.


Professional Lacrosse player Kristen Kjellman.

Track and Field Olympic medalist Sanya Richards-Ross.


Bobsledding Olympic medalist Elana Meyers.

Olympic Softball player Jennie Finch

[Images via Getty]