Felicity Huffman Thinks Jeremy Piven's Poison Story Is Fishy

Last night on David Letterman's show, Felicity Huffman talked about hubby William H. Macy replacing Jeremy Piven in Speed-The-Plow. Her attitude was one of bemusement:

Huffman said, "You know, Bill used to baby sit Jeremy Piven… Some would say he's still babysitting Jeremy Piven." Then she and Letterman joked about the cause of Piven's poisoning, with Letterman saying, "It was too many tuna fish sandwiches, I think." Clip at left.

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OK— I'm just as doubtful of Piven's story as these two. But she came off as pretty bitchy here. And isn't she there to promote some movie or tv show? How about talking about what's going on in her career instead of talking shit about (apparently) a family friend?