Feeling Dainty? You Must Be Giving Head

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Things women supposedly feel/think about while giving a blow job, according to a proposed ad for Durex condoms: satisfied, contented, blush, luscious, fruits, fruits, fruits, and dainty. And just wait till you see what happens when we fuck.


These typography ads are the work of German designer Andrej Krahne. The idea is pretty clever, and at first glance, I really liked the simplicity of the design (especially the hair that reads "tousled" and "rumpled"). But Amanda Hess at The Sexist points out a couple of disturbing "thoughts" that appear on the female body, plus some downright confusing words.

The blowjob ad above makes a certain kind of sense - in the most stereotypical way. While her midsection is thinking "FRUITS," his has become filled with intelligence and inexplicably, wisdom. The rest of his body is locked in one giant error message, which honestly does not sound very pleasant. Even more unpleasant are her thoughts during woman-on-top sex:

Illustration for article titled Feeling Dainty? You Must Be Giving Head

While a quaking, shuddering, vibrating orgasm wave sounds pretty awesome, her brain doesn't seem to be getting in on the fun. She's mostly paralyzed (I suppose that is the female version of "fatal error") but the largest word on her head is "CONFUSED." We're pretty sure most women don't find orgasms that befuddling, which leads us to suspect that Krahne is the confused one here.

The most annoying thing about these ads is that they have the potential to be really good - if they made a little more sense. The female body is shown as a complex textbook of emotions, while men are reduced to one single thought (or less). Naturally, Krahne wants to play up the sexy part of sex, but wouldn't it be funnier if the oral sex-woman was thinking about "suction," "teeth," "knee pain" or if we wanted to be really honest, "this condom tastes like a Fruit Roll-Up that has been sprayed with Lysol." Also, we appreciate that it takes a certain about of strain to maintain that position for men, but it's not exactly a cakewalk for us either. Finally, maybe instead of "confusion," a woman on the brink of an orgasm could be shown thinking "hells yes!" or at the very least "don't stop."

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