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Feel Free to Get Me This 'Sleigh' Shirt From *NSYNC's Holiday Merch

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Images via

As you begin your holiday shopping this month, one thing you should consider is tossing this t-shirt from *NSYNC’s line of Christmas merch into your online shopping cart, for me.


Specifically, it’s the t-shirt that reads “It’s Gonna Be Sleigh,” which intends to play off the *NSYNC lyric-turned-meme “It’s Gonna Be May,” but which makes no sense because you can’t “be sleigh.” You can “slay”—so one could say, “I’m gonna sleigh,” as in you’re going to both go sleighing and slay sartorially. But “It’s gonna be sleigh”? This is not spon-con; I just want this shirt so I can have this sleigh conversation in real life all holiday season.

Besides goofy holiday items, *NSYNC will be selling products like ’90s-inspired apparel, accessories, home decor and games, as part of a new licensing deal with Epic Rights to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary of existence.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Well the link I clicked on said SOLD OUT so I hope that means everyone bought you the shirt and you’ll be drowning in a pile of them.