Feed Your Outrage with These Law & Order: SVU Previews Featuring Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson

A lot of people have asked themselves why Law & Order: SVU — a show primarily about victims' advocacy — would cast known convicted rapist Mike Tyson on their program, but, now, thanks to these previews for tomorrow's episode, we finally have an answer. It's because he's such a good actor. Okay, Dick Wolf. CHUNG CHUNG. Case closed.

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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

If we legitimately believe that the legal system should focus on rehabilitation, then we should also believe that people can be rehabilitated.

We should also be willing to accept that former bad people can become better (if not good) people. Otherwise, we give people no reason to want to change.

As the child of a former drug addict, I really hate this attitude. Folks still hold her drug days behavior against her. She has largely reformed, and should be allowed to feel good about herself, not held down by the ghosts of her past.

If Tyson reformed, I say we give him the chance to show it.