The U.S. EEOC and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs are currently in the midst of investigating possible instances of unfair gender-based hiring practices in Hollywood. Not sure what they think they’ll find.

The ACLU submitted a request for investigation last summer, the Associated Press reports, to try to uncover “whether gender discrimination is responsible for the dearth of female directors in the entertainment industry.”


Various studies have confirmed what we see with our eyes, which is that women filmmakers traditionally have limited opportunities in Hollywood.

Both the U.S. EEOC and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs are looking into gender discrimination issues, which includes meetings with various directors and influencers, according to ACLU attorney Melissa Goodman.

She hopes the effort will lead to charges against producers and others who fail to hire women directors.

Goodman noted, however, that federal investigators are not bound by any timeline and are not obligated to reveal any results or take any action on their findings.

“We’re very encouraged by how seriously the government has taken this,” says Goodman. “Our hope is that they’ll push industry leaders to address the ongoing violations of civil rights women directors in the industry have experienced and are experiencing.”

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