Feast Your Eyes on These Horrible Retro Hairstyles for Men

It's no secret that the menswear of the late 1960s and early 1970s was, frankly, awful. (All those synthetics and strange patterns—tsk tsk.) But it's easy to forget just how abysmal the hairstyles were, too. Who knew there were so many variations on the mullet?

This video montage (via Laughing Squid) will allow you to fully appreciate the badness. Where did these photos come from? What were these men thinking? Why are we listening to the Kaiser Chiefs? History's mysteries! Let's hope we get to see a few more of these on the final season of Mad Men—surely groovy Harry Crane could use yet another ill-advised cut.

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Patcher Pup

The gentleman at 1:58 looks familiar. . .probably because I've seen that exact photo in one of my grandmother's albums! It's one of my uncles. No, really. He had photos taken when he was in a band, around 1976, I believe. They were never that big, mostly played bars, but had head shots done so they could send them out with their promotional materials. Looks like someone found a box of originals from the long-defunct studio where the pictures were taken.