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FBI Arrests White Man Who Threatened to Murder Howard University Students

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The FBI has arrested and charged 26-year-old John Edgar Rust for threatening to murder black students at Howard University in 2015, in a horribly racist incident which spread fear across the historically black college.

The details about Rust’s intentions, published in an affadavit signed by FBI Special Agent Keith Palli, are chilling. Two days after University of Missouri President Timothy Wolfe resigned over failing to respond to racist incidents on his campus—and just months after white supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire on a historically black church in South Carolina, murdering nine people—Rust published the following diatribe on 4chan along with a photo of Wolfe. He threatened to murder black students the following day, November 12:

Seriously America why are we still putting up with this shit? I mean we might as well just bend over and let the niggers fuck us right in the ass.

And meanwhile they go around whining and complaining about everything as if there’s something that’s wrong in the world to fix. They’re unhappy no matter what. Whining is addicting to them. Good people like this guy have to suffer for it. And now the niggers at other colleges have to do the same thing? And the white people think it’s a wonderful thing? Fuck that. What do they have to do, join ISIS before people get it?

I left MU yesterday because I couldn’t put up with it anymore. I go home to MD and what do I see? The same old shit. Turn on the news and it’s always the niggers causing trouble everywhere.

So I’ve decided. Any niggers left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go. And any of those cheapskate niggers who try to get out using the metro will regret that choice real fast. Sure, the po po will take me down, but I’ll go out a hero knowing I made the world better. I just hope at least someone else can see it too and continue the fight.

They were too stupid to know what to do when they got freed. They’re too stupid to know what to do now they got rights. Sometimes the best thing to do is to put stupid out of its misery.

After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.

The threat triggered a wave of panic at Howard. According to Palli’s affadavit, several students chose to stay indoors that day, and some professors canceled classes in response.


The FBI traced the post back to Rust, who had posted it from his laptop at a Panera in Alexandria, Virginia. When they searched his personal belongings, they found notes on both his laptop and cell phone nearly identical to the 4chan post. On an external hard drive, the FBI also found several documents about firearms, explosives, and other weapons, including the following:

A list titled “22 Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands”;

A text detailing different types o f poisons;

A chapter on the “Manufacture o f Explosives”;

A chapter on the “The Chemistry and Physics of Explosives”;

A chapter on the “Initiation o f Explosives”;

A page from “Explosives Engineering”;

Several pages from “Explosives, Propellants and Pyrotechnics”;

A text document ofa repetitive chant with “Explosions in the sky” in red letters;

Several pages from “Kill or Get Killed”;

An article about long range shooting of firearms;

A page from “Home Workshop Prototype Firearms”;

Cover page of”Home Workshop Gun for Defense and Resistance”; An article titled “Do-It-Yourself-Silencers”; and

An article titled “The Man Who Brought Us Quiet Killing.”

This racist—who, by the way, is also a convicted felon and registered sex offender for abusing a minor—faces up to five years in prison. In the meantime, let’s urge Congress to pass laws that make it impossible for John Edgar Rust to ever legally obtain a firearm.