Faye Dunaway Fired From Play for Creating a 'Hostile' and 'Dangerous' Environment

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Here’s some scalding tea for you: Faye Dunaway was fired from what would have been a Broadway production of Tea at Five, thanks to some utterly unhinged behavior on-set.


According to the New York Post, the 78-year-old Dunaway lost her role playing Katharine Hepburn after production members accused her of creating a “hostile” and “dangerous” work environment. To the pull quotes!

The July 10 performance was canceled moments before curtain because Dunaway slapped and threw things at crew members who were trying to put on her wig, sources say. Enraged at the cancellation, Dunaway began “verbally abusing” the crew. They were “fearful for their safety,” said one source.

Was this a one-off tantrum? An aberration for an otherwise kind and composed professional? Seems not.

But her behavior was unsettling at an early photo shoot. Someone gave her a salad for lunch and she threw it on the floor. She was watching her weight and said the salad would be better on the floor than in her hand.

The Post also reports Dunaway was often up to two hours late for rehearsals, and never bothered to learn her lines—difficult to pull off, it being a one-woman show. Despite having the script in hand for six months, she got through previous performances of the play by being fed lines through an earpiece.

While in rehearsal she left what one production source called “troubling, rambling, angry” voicemails to the creative team during the middle of the night. She also insisted that no one wear white to rehearsals because it “distracts me,” she said. When she was rehearsing on stage at the Huntington no one was allowed to move in the theater because that also distracted her.


Apparently Dunaway “hates white,” which must make every day living around things like paper towels and Maltese dogs and clouds very difficult. It’s hard being Faye Dunaway!

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Anne Hathaway has another meatloaf in the oven. (Who goes to the trouble of pre-heating an oven for a single bun? It doesn’t make any sense.)


She also wants us to know that getting knocked up was not the easy stroll through the Bone Park you might imagine it was. Anne Hathaways! They suffer through fertility problems just like us!


Hathaway previously told this very website that she avoids posting photos of her kids, so this may be the last we see of that meatloaf. Nevertheless, congratulations to her and her growing family.

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Why should we hate Anne Hathaway again?? She is openly talking about infertility issues, which is still kind of a taboo to talk about, because it’s all woman’s fault