Faye Dunaway And Warren Beatty Squabbled Over Announcing Best Picture Award

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No doubt you have been inundated with information and analyses regarding last night’s Best Picture announcement flub. But what the hell, here’s another nugget! It seems that the confusion might have been exacerbated by the tension between presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. You see, both wanted to announce the winner.

Sources who witnessed Saturday’s rehearsal say that Dunaway and Beatty squabbled over who would do the honors, but that ultimately Beatty gave way.


The resolution, however, was not a friendly one. During blocking, the veteran actors refused to walk out together. And during the ceremony itself, you might have noticed that Dunaway seemed a bit anxious to take the envelope from Beatty — perhaps she thought he wouldn’t keep his promise?

As it turns out, Beatty did — what he didn’t do was tell Dunaway why he had stared so long at the envelope. He merely passed it to her, and she quickly announced the wrong winner.


Study the clip at your leisure. I’m sure we’ll be mining this snafu for months.


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