‘Fault in Our Stars’ Is The Most Liked Trailer in YouTube History

The trailer for the new film The Fault in Our Stars just became the most liked movie trailer in YouTube history.


According to Variety, the trailer for the new film starring Shailene Woodley beat out One Direction: This Is Us to become the most liked trailer:

The trailer has also garnered 17 million views since hitting the Web in late January. In comparison, the U.K. trailer for "Iron Man 3," with its whopping 58 million views, has been liked 182,000 times.


As of Thursday morning, the trailer for The Fault in Our Stars had 273,088 likes. Wow.

This, as you can imagine, intrigued me. The movie is based on John Green's novel of the same name and tells the story of Hazel, a young girl fighting cancer. She meets a guy named Gus and they fall in love. It's also a huge fuck you to cancer.

So how do other film trailers stack up? The trailer for Maleficent only has around 19,000 likes. Captain America 2 has about 52,000 likes. And a trailer I found for the 1999 film Chill Factor starring Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr. only had seven likes. That's sad. It was a good movie. More people should have given Ulrich a chance. He could have been the next Johnny Depp. You never know.

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Gonzo the Something

How much dialogue is from the Green book? Because I find this kind of insufferable.