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Father's Absence Linked To Early Puberty In Girls

Illustration for article titled Fathers Absence Linked To Early Puberty In Girls

A study found girls from higher-income households, and particularly African-Americans, are likely to develop breasts and pubic hair earlier if they don't live with their biological father. The presence of other adult males in the home doesn't change the results.


Image via Ronald Sumners/Shutterstock.

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Not having a father in the home makes a young girl more likely to have a lower SES.

The lower SES means that the family is more likely to be buying low-cost food—that with more hormones and chemicals in it. Hormones and chemicals like estrogen.

And children with a lower SES are more likely to be overweight or obese. (Again, low-cost food. Many times the healthy food is more expensive.) When a girl gains weight, she her body kicks into gear like she's entering puberty. So bam! girl starts sprouting breasts!

But really, the chain of cause-and-effect is pretty clear. And now I feel good for my real world use of my adolescence class.