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Fat Chance

Illustration for article titled Fat Chance

This Is Why You're Fat is a site that compiles pictures of the most fattening, greasy, bacon-wrapped, deep-fried, multi-layered, monstrous foods you've ever seen. You're welcome. [This Is Why You're Fat]


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Thanks for the site. In all frankness, most of it is too gross to be really tempting. I'd love to see a site filled with "gourmet junk food," that is, food that is composed of real ingredients but which really can't be consumed in other than very small quantities because of the high-calorie content.

For example, today I got an email today discussing the joys of an Italian gourmet shop that offers culatello, a hard-to-find cured meat made from pork thigh. It sounded delicious, but I don't need it.

Send me the link to the "Fat Foodies" site.