Fast and the Furious Spin-Offs Are Happening

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For fans of the Fast and the Furious films (a.k.a. “furies”), it looks like the universe of Dominic Toretto and Co. is going to get even bigger. The success of the long-running action franchise could result in spin-offs for some of the its most loved characters.


The FF team has already been developing potential prequels and spin-offs. “We’ve written out storylines for various characters,” Vin Diesel told Variety. “We’ve been playing with it for a long time. It’s a very rich property and we’re committed to treating it with a lot of class.” Donna Langley, Universal Pictures Chairman, also confirmed discussions were happening. “We’re certainly in conversations about how we can expand the franchise now,” said Langley. “It’s an ensemble cast and there’s room to bring characters in and out.”

While there’s no word on which characters would get the solo treatment, Variety points out that in the past, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has talked about the possibility of his character, Luke Hobbs, having his own film. In 2013, Johnson told Screenrant it wouldn’t happen until after Fast 7, which was released this year. Hobbs makes sense, but I could definitely see some kind of buddy film starring Ludacris and Tyrese’s characters, Tej and Roman, as well as another Tokyo-set film starring Sung Kang, playing the beloved Han. (I also wouldn’t mind a cameo from Devon Aoki’s pink honda from the second film.)

The Fast and the Furious canon has three more sequels in the works. The eighth film, which will bring in a new director — Straight Outta Compton’s F. Gary Gray — is out in theaters in April 2017.

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When will this franchise die? I’m 100% convinced that they will continue making these movies even if all the lead characters die a painful death on set. I won’t be surprised if one of the spin-off has a scene with Paul Walker and God drifting in heaven.