Fashion Site Promises Not To Hire Model Til She Gains Weight

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For months now, we've gotten tips from readers about an alleged Photoshop of Horrors — except it seems that model Allie Crandell actually looks as pictured. Recently, fashion e-commerce site Revolve took the unusual step of promising she'll gain weight.


It's not like the rest of the models featured on Revolve are actually buxom or anything, but Crandell, a model who also appeared on The City, sparked something of a commenter revolt on every item she modeled. A representative discussion (click to enlarge):

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Crandell's weight was an issue when she was on The City too. According to a 2009 recap,

Kelly Cutrone confronts Allie, asking if she's "OK" and repeatedly pointing out how skinny she is.

Allie, for her part, is left flustered, tearful and just utterly hurt. "I know I'm healthy. I know I'm happy the way I am," she tells Whitney the next day. But it's more like she's telling herself.

And The Daily News notes that "two months later, Crandell's agent told Life & Style magazine that he had thought Crandell was too skinny and the two had been working to get her to a healthier weight."

Here's the statement Revolve left in the comments:

REVOLVE Team, Los Angeles, CA (Straight/Short)
Hi everyone,Thank you for your concern. We are absolutely aware of the feedback and responses to our model's weight and it has concerned us as well. We are working closely with both the model and her agent to get her to a healthier size. She won't be appearing in any of our new product batches or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed. We appreciate and respect input from our customers and visitors and hope that you find our responses satisfying. We have been attempting to respect the privacy of the model in question while dealing with the issue on our end. We hope you understand. Sincerely,The REVOLVE Team


Left unsaid is whether Crandell's thinness is the product of an eating disorder or some other factor, but given how much her body has already become a group project — to an unusual extent even for someone who makes their living off their looks — that's probably just as well. In any case, kudos to Revolve for being responsive to their customers' concerns, and best of luck to Crandell.

Too Skinny? Allie Crandell's Rib-Baring Appearance Sparks Debate On Fashion Website [NYDN]

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Basically, there are three possibilities for this woman's unusually small size:

1) She's naturally/genetically very thin, which is beyond her control. Would anyone advocate discriminating against someone for a body type beyond their control?

2) She's underweight due to a medical problem or illness beyond her control (hyperthyroid, food sensitivity, whatever). Is it acceptable to discriminate against someone for a medical condition?

3) She's underweight by choice. It is acceptable to discriminate against her for it, because she chose to be this way and is equally capable of choosing to gain weight if she wants to keep her job.

Why is everyone so quick to assume it's option 3?