Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Me Find This Men's Slide

Artist’s rendering of the mythical slides.
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A few days ago I was emerging from the train station in my neighborhood and noticed a very well-dressed man who probably works in art publicity on his way in. As we crossed paths, I noticed his shoes. They were thin-soled slides, with a closed toe and single strap—both pieces made of black leather—and I loved them.

Once home, I began scouring the internet for the shoes, but didn’t know if I was using the proper lingo. “Men’s leather closed-toed sandals” got me nowhere (only later did Julianne tell me I was describing “slides”), “men’s leather single-strap fashion closed-toed sandals” got me nowhere, and now I’m here. Directionless. Desperate for a more fashion-forward version of my treasured Birkenstocks.

Because his entire outfit looked expensive, there is a chance the slides—once found—will be well beyond what I am capable of paying. Julianne also told me such shoes are typically European (which I translated as “expensive as hell”), but I’m hoping this particular item was the mystery man’s cheap addition to an otherwise label-heavy look. You know how outfit of the day images are labeled, like:

  • Glasses: Fendi
  • Hoodie: Vetements
  • Tee: H&M
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Pant: Alexander Wang
  • Shoes: Vintage

Yeah. I’m hoping that the sandals were this guy’s H&M tee. Any ideas?

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