Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Lacey Find a Classic But Cool Autumn Coat

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Time, time, time—see what’s become of me, while I looked around for my possibilities? I was so hard to please...

In the prescient spirit of the Bangles (and Simon & Garfunkel, I guess), it’s autumn in New York (and other places, I guess) and finally time to switch up your wardrobe. This week’s intrepid fashion scavengee is Lacey, who as the Deputy Executive Editor of Gizmodo Media Group is used to looking towards the future. Her request: a coat for fall. Her criteria: “It has to be warm enough... classic enough... but cool. It has to not show dirt because you like sit on subways and hang it under bars. Goes with all outfits, makes you look nice but not trying too hard, and in the under-$300 range.” She also emphasizes that less expensive coats are often not warm enough, but that fancier and heftier ones end up being extremely expensive (a nice, professional looking Canada Goose coat, for instance, is $950 at Bloomingdales). Lacey’s final plea: “What does a grown ass woman like me wear?”


This is the realest, and I think many of us in cooler climates can relate. Here are a few.

image via Nordstrom Rack

I recently realized that if you can tolerate the specific hell that is the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square, you can find some pretty decent stuff. Online might be better, though—less chaos and fewer angry strangers trying to beat you to Vince markdowns—because that’s where this cute leather-cuff wool blend coat resides. ($224 marked down from $445, Nordstrom Rack)

Image via & Other Stories.

I tend to go a little loopy for basics from & Other Stories, but it can be difficult to refrain when they carry garments like this one, a wool-blend, luxurious-looking, wool-blend winter coat in forest green (it also comes in black and tan). And it’s in the price range! Lacey, I might also buy this, I hope you’re okay with coming into the office dressed like twinsies. ($245, & Other Stories).

Image via Barney’s Warehouse.

Wrap coats always read as so chic to me, like a combination between a robe and a smoking jacket—but then I’ll always just be a #cozygirl at heart. This twill wrapper by Tomorrowland is a cotton twill, so not great for when it gets truly icy, but a good holdover through the fall. Plus, you can layer it. ($199 marked down from $795 at Barney’s Warehouse).

Image via Everlane.

Everlane doesn’t really make sense to me as an entity, most particularly because the price on this versatile and long-lasting wool trenchcoat is “Choose What You Pay”; your choices are $175, $200, $225. Babes, you are not the Museum of Natural History, no one is going to pay the full price out of the goodness of their hearts. Nice coat, though! (Everlane, $175)

Okay, now it’s up to you: can you offer Lacey some advice on a nice coat for a grown-ass woman in crisp, beautiful New York City?

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