Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find a Vintage Old Navy Bag Under $5000

Fashion Scavenger HuntWelcome to Fashion Scavenger Hunt, a Jezebel column in which we all work together to find the elusive product of your dreams. Need help with a style or specific item, or just looking for advice on dupes? Email

Winkie writes:

I am looking for a long-lost and elusive purse from my adolescence, and hoping fashion scavenger hunt can help!I had a faux-fur leopard print purse that I adored in middle school, and of course like an idiot I trashed it during a lapse in leopard-fashions, only to regret it as an adult. Pretty sure this is the same exact purse, but with a $5000 tag for an Old Navy item?! Gurl, what?!


“Gurl, what?!” is right. Please help her find something that costs less than an extensive tropical vacation!

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