From gamine to glam to justplain weird, the 67th Annual Venice Film Festival has been, sartorially-speaking, one to remember.

It's rare to see Michelle Williams go full-on glam, and while I like the quirky risk, the end result is slightly frumptastic.

This cute day look, however โ€” toughened with a pair of sandals โ€” is pretty adorbs.


Speaking of willful eccentricity: Shannyn Sossamon goes all artsy early-80s grandma on us!


Monica Barladeanu is disco-fab.

Noomi Rapace, the original Lisbeth Salander, retains a hint of the rebel. You decide whether it's with or without a cause.


Actress Valeria Solarino, making this far more glam, and far less absurd, than this has any right to be.


Here, however, she's pushing her luck.

Pace Wu lets โ€” okay, not all โ€” but quite a bit hang out.


As a pregnant friend recently remarked, we're in a golden age of maternity wear. As Antonia Zegers shows!

As Christiane Filangieri shows, chastity belts are big for fall.

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