Fashion Has Decided That Everyone Can Wear Skirt Suits Again

The Wall Street Journal — which everyone knows is the Vogue of business newspapers — has made an important proclamation: the skirt suit is back, y'all. TRIUMPHANTLY.

But this isn't a Britney Spears style comeback where she shoots a glossy video and then appears in public deader in the eyes than ever before; this is a for real honest-to-goodness FOR REAL THIS TIME comeback. This is a Robert Downey Jr. comeback.


According to the WSJ, skirt suits haven't been cool since 1988 (when asked for comment, my skirt suit-heavy Business Wardrobe of the years 2006-2011 responded, via email: "Ouch") but now, thanks to designers, it's cool for ladies to wear jackets and skirts that match. From the WSJ piece:

Two-piece dressing not only offers no-brainer ease ("You're together in 10 seconds, and you look like you own the world," said Ms. Wall), it also addresses the important question of looking powerfully alluring. After all, there was a reason that Ms. Weaver and Ms. Griffith had Harrison Ford on his knees throughout "Working Girl." That factor is not lost on women looking to suit up today.

"Next time I have a business meeting with a group of men," Ms. Wall said, "I'm going to wear one and shut up the whole room."

Not only are skirt suits cool, they're magic. Skirt suits are to the old boy's club what garlic is to Draculas.

If magical, triumphant, business winning suits were right there in front of our noses this whole time, I wonder what other bygone trend we could resurrect in order to unlock powers beyond our wildest dreams. Do banana clips hold the key to solving poverty? Can bell bottoms cure racism? And maybe what the world needs now are some victorious babydoll dresses to help us sort out all this Syria business.


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