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Fashion Accused Of Plagiarizing Zeus

Illustration for article titled Fashion Accused Of Plagiarizing Zeus

Fashionising has drawn attention to several similarities between photographer Jeff Bark's series "Woodpecker," one image from which is shown at left, and a fashion spread just published by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in the new issue of LOVE, one image from which is shown at right. "The setting is remarkably similar, and so are the themes." It's true, these pictures do look very much the same! Probably because they're both inspired by the story of Leda and the Swan.


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and....wasn't this already done in vogue in black and white in 1994?

just sayin'.

though, honestly a lot of Bark's work deals with nudes of both men and women in a fantastical and compromising poses. however, the color palette of mert and marcus's looks nearly identical to Bark's.