I mean, okay. Let it all out, Farrah. I'd like to state for the record that—though I do not want to hang out with her ever AT ALL—I don't personally care what Farrah Abraham puts into and pulls out of any of her teenage holes, and calling her a "whore" (as if that's an objectively bad, shameful thing to be) just makes you look like a slut-shamey prude-monster. Farrah Abraham is an adult woman trying to make ends meet (LITERALLY [farts to death]) through legal, consensual means, and if making a porno with James Deen is how she wants to do it, instead of, say, an afternoon shift at Starbucks, I say GO NUTS. You could pick worse legal, consensual penises. (I do, however, reserve the right to make fun of her for calling it a "sex tape" instead of a porno, because lolooolloolololol.) Anyway, she has some stuff to say about her butt.

“This is my video; I had all the creative imput in the world,” she toldHollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

“I did everything, I mean I hadnt had sex in a while. I wanted to do stuff — I got asked why did I do anal, and I was like ‘Why wouldn’t I?’” she added. “I’ve already done it when I was younger, and I don’t have sex much, I can have my own stuff to remember so I am going to have a little bit of everything. So that’s what I did for myself.

“Who the hell is dictating how the hell I have sex?” Farrah said.

UP TOP, ABRAHAM. [HollywoodLife]

What's that? They're releasing a clothing line based on Scandal? Who what now? So says Bellamy Young:

Wait, what do you mean?
I don't know for sure, but I know that they want to develop an app and people will be able to click and buy what you see. I know there's already a website that shows you options similar to things you see, so if you see something you like, you can buy the real-life version of something Kerry's wearing. But this will be more synergistic.

And will there be a separate clothing line specific to the show?
That's the idea. Lyn [Paolo, our costume designer] would know. She's trying to up everything and make it more specific. She kept me in Micheal Kors for the last few episodes. She's trying to define us very clearly.

That's cool, it makes sense, Mad Men did it with Banana Republic and Gatsby with Brooks Brothers.
Exactly. Reach out to her.

Yes. [Vulture]

Did you get your invitation to Kim Kardashian's baby shower? It's apparently "baby-themed."

In fact, invitations have gone out to a select group of friends and family members for a June 2 baby-themed bash to celebrate the impending arrival of Kim and Kanye West's first child, E! News exclusively confirms.

And as you might have guessed, these weren't just any old store-bought invitations...

They arrived at their intended destinations in music boxes that, when opened, played a special tune as a wind-up ballerina twirled.