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Uncool: standing in line for hours to purchase an iPhone. Cool: standing in line for hours to exchange your Ray Rice jersey for the jersey of a Baltimore Ravens player who hopefully did not beat his wife.

The Baltimore Ravens offered fans with Ray Rice jerseys the opportunity to trade it in for another jersey if they so chose. Caveats: the jersey had to be an officially licensed Reebok or Nike jersey, fans didn't get to pick the number on their new jersey, and trade-in jerseys were non-returnable.


But that didn't stop hundreds of people from showing up and waiting in line for hours this morning to take the Ravens up on their offer. Per BuzzFeed, this is what the line looked like before the process started at 8 am:


It reportedly stretched a quarter of the way around M&T Stadium. Look at that line! It's mostly men! Men who give a shit! Men who don't want to tacitly endorse a person who behaved in a way they find repugnant. Way to go, men!

Sometimes people act kind of goddamn decent.

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