Fake Sex Tape Hoax Targets Rita Ora

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A lookalike of the Rita Ora was used in the making an X-rated film, which has been making the rounds on all your favorite gross X-rated websites that dabble in exploiting famous women for kicks. According to MSN, the video has accumulated more than 80,000 hits so far.

The tape definitely isn't Ora, but that doesn't really matter because if you search "Rita Ora Sex Tape" plenty of links to a sex tape pretending to be hers come up, but don't bother to explain that it's just a lookalike.

But the real scandal is how she didn't wear a bra on British TV.

Ora has recently been at the centre of controversy for appearing on British TV programme The One Show to promote the upcoming series of The Voice U.K. while wearing a white tuxedo jacket without a shirt or bra underneath. BBC bosses received 400 complaints from viewers about the inappropriate outfit and a spokesman for the network was forced to issue an apology.


It is weird living in an era when women have to simultaneously be worried that some deranged person is going make up fake sex tapes featuring carefully selected lookalikes AND that they dare might be seen without a bra when they choose not to wear one. It's sort of exasperating, isn't it?

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Fake Sex Tape Hoax

Wait, if it's a "fake hoax" IS IT REAL AFTER ALL? What if there is more than one Rita? What if the lookalike is the real Rita and the Rita we know has been replaced by a doppelganger? What if the doppelganger is a robot?! The truth is out there!!!!!



(I realize this is likely a typo scenario, but the possibilities posed by that line of inquiry are much less depressing than dealing with the idea that famous women have to worry about this particular kind of exploitation.)