Fake Girlfriend Helps Guys Pick Up Chicks

The latest in fake-girlfriend technology allegedly has a purpose beyond momentarily making your friends think someone likes you — it could help men snag real girlfriends.

At least, that's the Huffington Post's claim. FakeGirlfriend.co will send you fake "girlfriend-esque" texts (example: "I just need someone to talk to… Call me?") if you text a certain number. The site bills this as a way to "get interrupted by a loving text during man time" and then "tell everyone how great your 'girlfriend' is." Aww? HuffPo's Tara Kelly, however, has a different idea:

This probably won't be able to convince your friends for long, as the service doesn't include a real life person. Having said that, it should help you attract more females, if a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology is anything to go by. The findings showed a woman's attraction to a man almost doubled when they were told he was taken, as opposed to single.


Kiri Blakeley of Forbes imagines how this seduction technique would go:

If I were a guy trying to attract a woman with the fact that I already had a girlfriend, I guess now is about the time I would place my cell phone conspicuously on the bar, glance dispassionately at the screen, and say something like, "I can't believe she wants me to call her. She knows I'm out with my friends!"

Whatever chick I was trying to impress would presumably perk up at this, excited as she is by the prospect of a future filled with text message spying, arguments about whether or not I'm still in touch with Jill, and general distrust of everything I do and say. Not to mention my reluctance to call back my girlfriend when she wants to talk.

Yep, pretty hot. What's really interesting about this script, though, is how different it is from that attached to fake boyfriends. Boyfriend in a Box send adorable love notes ("I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with you. I enjoy long walks in the park and eating chocolate ice cream") while Text Boyfriend advertises himself thus:

Never be without attention. Textboyfriend texts you 3 times a week (just the perfect amount of sweetness — no overtexting, no drama. He's fun and cute and he's all about you! Texts are sweet and seem to just be timed right when you need a little lift. (And, your friends will be jealous!)


And then there's the famous Brownie Husband, who feeds your sad single heart with his delicious sugary body. Sure, fake boyfriends might be for making your friends a little jealous, but mostly they're for letting you pretend you're being showered with a man's love. And while FakeGirlfriend.co doesn't actually list picking up chicks as one of its uses, it is for looking cool, not feeling warm and snuggly. The implication is that guys who want a girlfriend at all want one as a status symbol, while women want a boyfriend to pay attention to them and make them feel loved. I, however, would like to cut out the middleman and invent a service where when you text the number, you get a brownie.


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