Fake Doctor Arrested For Giving Breast Exams In Bars

Illustration for article titled Fake Doctor Arrested For Giving Breast Exams In Bars

Kristina Ross has been arrested for giving several women breast exams in Idaho nightclubs while posing as plastic surgeon "Berlyn Aussieahshowna." Ross, who is transgendered, gave out a real doctor's number and was caught when people called to confirm appointments


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Asininity of including her trans status aside, this is actually pretty good for a news report about a trans person. Correct pronouns throughout, no alarmist bullshit about her identity (which is impressive considering the nature of the crime she has committed)... hell, if you only read halfway through the story, you wouldn't have even known she's trans.

That being said, it's going to suck once this story gets circulated and everyone freaks the fuck out.