Fake-Cancer Mom In Trouble Again

A woman notorious for faking her daughter's cancer is on the wrong side of the law again.

For those who don't remember the awful case: in 2003 Teresa Milbrandt and her husband were arrested after claiming 7-year-old daughter Hannah had terminal cancer. Milbrandt told Hannah she was dying, shaved the child's head, gave her pills to make her appear ill, and accepted thousand of dollars in donations from neighbors eager to help with the cost of "treatment." Milbrandt got six years in jail; her husband (who denied any knowledge of the scam) got four and a half. Hannah, meanwhile, has lived with relatives ever since and is reportedly doing well.


Milbrandt's latest brush with the law also involves one of her daughters — but this time they're co-conspirators. Only nine months out of prison, Milbrandt is accused filling forged Vicodin prescriptions at a local Wal-Mart. Her 27-year-old daughter, a medical assistant, is alleged to have written the prescriptions. But given that it's the mother who's under court-ordered supervision, the consequences have to be fairly grave. Both women are expected in court on November 29th.

Mother Who Faked Girl's Cancer In Trouble Again [Columbus Dispatch]

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