Fact Check: Viserion Already Destroyed the Wall, Mr. President

President Trump’s assertion on Thursday that “The Wall Is Coming” utilized his favorite form of communication—social media, in this case Instagram—to reiterate his stated policy and apparent sole philosophical purpose at the moment: That the wall is “coming.” On the post, his visage loomed ominously, and he rehashed a meme predicated on advertising for the popular television show Game of Thrones, which featured the Night King and the phrase “Winter Is Coming,” which referred, of course, to winter.


Unfortunately, just like the promises the president makes to the American people but ultimately cannot keep, Mexico will not pay for the wall; the wall, in fact, is unlikely to ever exist. By tweeting this meme, the President debased his office and showed a willful disregard for facts in the service of inflaming his base. The wall cannot “come,” Mr. President, and will not ever come, because the wall has already been destroyed by Viserion, the mighty dragon born of Daenerys Targaryen in the Dothraki Sea and transformed into a wight by the actual Night King, with whom President Trump has never held a diplomatic meeting, at least in the public record.

Fact check, sir: In a rescue mission to recover the members of an expedition led by Jon Snow beyond the wall in an attempt to collect a wight in order to establish temporary peace among the warring Queens in Dragonstone and King’s Landing, Daenerys Stormborn rides Drogon, and summons Viserion and Rhaegar, to the site where the expedition was fighting off an army of White Walkers and wights. Though Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegar set many of the thousands of wights aflame with their firebreath, the Night King was ready for them. In a long-mourned tactical move, the Night King threw an ice spear far into the air, where it penetrated Viserion’s breast and the fantastic beast pummeled, ruined, to the ground before sinking into a lake of ice.

Not long after, preparing to march his army south, the Night King pressed his hand to Viserion’s nose and transformed him into a wight who breathed blue flames either hot or cold enough to destroy the thousand-year-old glacier known as The Wall. In their march south, Viserion hurled a ball of flame at The Wall, sending it crumbling down so that the army could traverse it unmolested.

No, Mr. President. The Wall is not coming. Viserion destroyed The Wall at Eastwatch-by-Sea. Mr. Trump’s latest Instagram was yet another mendacity in a string of them, a disgrace to Westeros and, true, the world.



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