Facebook Has Deconstructed All the Fun Out of the RomCom

The RomCom is having enough time remaining culturally relevant without being stripped down to its bare, blocking-mechanism bones by our crippling reliance on social media to provide us with cheat sheets on prospective love interests. A Case of You, your soon-to-be OnDemand pick of the weekend, dispenses with clever premises and comic misunderstandings to ask one simple question: what if you Facebook-stalked someone you kinda, sorta liked, took up all of their favorite hobbies, hit it off with them as a result, but then felt like such a romantic fraud you had a feature-length existential breakdown?


That’s basically what’s going on in the trailer for A Case of You, which stars Justin Long as a socially inept writer who tries to impress Evan Rachel Wood by learning to do all the things that she likes (rock climbing, cooking, karate, you know, the usual shit) to do by reading up on her Facebook profile. But there’s a twist! How can Justin Long know that Evan Rachel Wood really likes him if he’s just fronting like this? She doesn’t know the real Justin Long. Maybe Justin Long doesn’t even know the real Justin Long. GAH! Just in case you ever forget that this is a RomCom, though, Peter Dinklage shows up as an effeminate barista with an unpronounceable name and a poet’s mustache.



I'm afraid to click on the link because if they play Joni Mitchell over what I can only assume is a somewhat insipid series of romantic plotting, misunderstandings and an implied eventual resolution, I will weep.