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Facebook Co-Founder's Wedding to Look Like an Episode of Game of Thrones (Minus Bloodshed and Nudity, I Think)

Illustration for article titled Facebook Co-Founders Wedding to Look Like an Episode of Game of Thrones (Minus Bloodshed and Nudity, I Think)

Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster and Facebook, may seem to have it all: billions of dollars, a highly-lauded cinematic portrayal of his life that paints him as a cheeky rapscallion courtesy of Justin Timberlake, a mansion nicknamed "Bacchus House" with an entrance hall that plays subway noises on a loop, and the list goes on. The one thing conspicuously missing from his life was an elaborate medieval-themed wedding in which each guest receives his or her own custom-made authentic medieval costume.


But fear not, reader, the American dream lives on. Today it's been officially announced that the tech mogul will wed his fiancee, Alexandra Lenas, in a decadent forest setting. According to a source:

There will be some kind of medieval theme, and guests will each get their own costumier. It's not yet fully decided what the costumes will be like, the theme is supposed to fit in with the environment and the natural beauty of the area. But, yes, there is a chance the wedding could end up looking like an episode of ‘Game of Thrones.'


The individual costumier for each guest is a thoughtful consideration, preventing each person in attendance from accidentally wearing the same unisex bliaut as someone else. Wearing a repeat bliaut is social suicide.

Lenas and Parker have a daughter together named Winter, so it's likely that someone will cry "Winter is coming!" at least once every 15 minutes.

May the Seven-Faced God smile upon their union.

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Speaking of Game of Thrones, is anyone going to write an article addressing how that was the worst episode of GoT yet produced? The most painfully boring and awkward screenwriting there ever was or ever will be.