FAA Untitillated By Sex While Skydiving

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Officials at the FAA are peeved at an airline pilot who allowed two skydivers to have sex on his plane, jump from the plane while outfitted in skydiving equipment, and then continue the act in midair while filming the whole thing. Not only is there no word yet for what this is (let's just call it skyfucking or fuckdiving), there are also not enough superfluous x's in the world to convey just how sexxxxxxy this is. Sexxxxy and imaginative.

The loving couple captured in the video consists of part time porn star/part time instructor at Skydive Taft Alex Torres and company receptionist Hope Howell. The owner of the skydiving company has fired Torres and hasn't yet decided whether or not to fire Howell. The video, which is quickly gaining popularity among the internet's many perverts, was allegedly filmed in order to get Howard Stern's attention. Torres posted the video to his blog, and Torres's non-porn boss caught wind of its existence after a local police officer told him that the video was making the rounds at a local school.

A spokesperson for the FAA says that people fucking on a small plane like that and then jumping out could be distracting to the pilot.


The stunt occurred near Bakersfield, California, which I guess is as good a place as any to jump in tandem from a plane while doing sex and filming it for Howard Stern.

FAA investigates skydiving sex stunt over California [MSNBC]

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Sorcia MacNasty

This sounds like something I would vaguely remember the next day after consuming a collegiate amount of alcohol, except I wouldn't have the creativity to call it "fuckdiving." To be fair, I think one could go "fuckdiving" with scuba gear, too. "Scubafucking" is SO something I could get into.