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Eye-Leak Alert: Dogs and Inmates Teach Each Other Life Lessons

There's a dog-training program at a prison in Arkansas where dogs from "doggie death row" are paired with inmates who have to earn the right to participate. Dog trainer Carrie Kessler says: "It's a program that encourages and rewards their good behavior."


In the clip above, James Dulaney, a prisoner in the Paws in Prison program, tells the AP: "I've been looking for ways to just — even if it's small — to give back to society in some way." He says this while a dog patiently sits on his lap.

It's been a year and a half since the program started, and it seems to be a success… as well as a lesson for the dogs, the prisoners, and all of us: Don't give up.


"These dogs deserve a chance just like any other living creature," one inmate says.

[AP via WaPo]

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I just..... this is so great!