Extremely Self-Actualized Wedding Photographer Took 15 Pictures, Chilled in the Photo Booth

Not the wedding photographer in question, but definitely a gal having a good time.
Not the wedding photographer in question, but definitely a gal having a good time.

Every day, I come across stories about inspiring women living their lives with courage. The gal blowin’ my mind today? 20-year-old UK “aspirational photographer” Chloe Johnston, who reportedly ruined one couple’s wedding and is being sued to recover her $850 fee.

The New York Post reports by way of The Mirror and The Sun that Paul and Chareen Wheatley, a Leeds couple, hired Johnston after seeing an ad on Facebook and thinking, hm, yas! Her!


Look no further.

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Johnston’s Facebook profile and photography page appear to have been shut down, but her website is still up:

Screenshot, Chloe Johnston’s professional website.
Screenshot, Chloe Johnston’s professional website.

After paying Johnston, “We couldn’t get in touch with her again and we didn’t think she was going to turn up until she sent us a message at 10 p.m. the night before our wedding,” Paul Wheatley said. She reportedly showed up 45 minutes late to the wedding armed with a single Nikon DSLR, walked the couple down a muddy path that ruined the bride’s dress, hurt the groom’s knee, and posed for “at least 4" pictures in the photo booth (seen here).

The couple claim they only received 15 pictures from her, most of which were bad. “They are awful, most of them aren’t taken properly with some people partly cut out,” Paul said. “The quality of the images were rubbish, too.”

“Throughout the whole thing she looked very chilled out and in the evening I hardly saw anything of her,” he continued. “I couldn’t believe the cheek of what she’d done, instead of concentrating on our reception she was messing around taking selfies at our expense.”

Johnston told Caters News Agency that she only went into the photo booth for a few minutes because “there was nothing going on,” adding that she was happy with the pictures: “I did everything I could have and more at that wedding, I was happy with their photographs and they were.”


The couple has reportedly gotten most of their money back after a bailiff tracked Johnston down. Love u, girl!


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When did these stupid photo booths become de rigour at weddings? I LOATHE them and the pictures people post on faceboook after the fact.