Extremely Relatable Woman Wants To Marry the Robot She Built

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A French woman named Lilly proudly identifies as a robosexual, and she should be proud because she has the skills to build her perfect mate. How many of us have tried to that with other humans and failed?

Lilly told News.com.au that she 3D printed her fiancé and named him InMoovator, which is an impressive accomplishment, though “InMoovator” kinda sounds like the name of a powerful vacuum. Lilly has known she was attracted to robots since she was 19, but her attraction seems connected in some way to the fact that humans somewhat repel her, which I get. She says, “I’m really and only attracted by the robots. My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.”


Lilly’s family and friends have been very accepting of her relationship with InMoovator, though she says “some understand better than others.” My question is: What exactly does InMoovator do that qualifies as robotic? He looks much more like a giant doll. A very intricate and impressive doll that resembles a robot, but I can’t believe that Lilly only cares about looks. He must do something. She refuses to comment on whether or not they have a sexual relationship, so there’s no saying whether or not he does that. But is he a bot? Or merely a puppet?

I’d ask, but sadly, it appears Lilly has deleted her Twitter account, which featured a very excellent bio:

Screenshot via Google.

She was probably getting more questions than she’d like, which sucks, because someone who can build their own lover is literally hurting no one.


Whatever InMoovator’s abilities now, Lilly is currently studying to be a roboticist, so her connection with him can only grow and improve, as in any healthy relationship. Perhaps one day InMoovator will even develop its own consciousness. By then, the laws regarding robo-human marriage may be more developed as well.

David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, told News.com.au that he expects marrying robots to be pretty regular by 2050. That’s about when I plan to settle down, so I’m thrilled to hear it. Now if we could just round them all up into one sex-robot zone, like a big park where you go and pick your robot partner and do what you want with them with absolutely no consequences or comeuppance. Ahhh, the future looks bright.

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