Extremely Goth Thieves Boost Pricey Wine in Wild Paris Catacombs Heist

Very goth. Photo via AP Images.
Very goth. Photo via AP Images.

Parisian police say thieves boosted 300-plus bottles of vintage wine—we’re talking €250,000 worth of the stuff—from a private apartment cellar via the god damn catacombs.


The Guardian reports:

The raid on the cellar of an apartment in the chic 6th arrondissement, near the Luxembourg Gardens, happened in the night some time between Monday and Tuesday.

Detectives say the thieves must have identified the cellar they wanted to access under the apartment building and then drilled into it from the catacombs, where the walls are mostly limestone. They made off with valuable grand cru wines.


There’s quite a lot of catacomb to search for clues—in fact, there are more than 150 miles of tunnels. Access is supposed to be tightly controlled but, as the Guardian explains, “Authorities have long turned a blind eye to groups of cataphiles, as they are known, who have identified secret entrances—mostly former sewer holes—and risk fines to sneak in for parties, secret meetings and even film screenings.”

Theory: Somebody plotted out this heist purely so they could make a farcical comedy about it.

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