“Authorities in Mississippi are investigating after they say a family’s dog brought home a large bag of marijuana,” the AP writes. Investigating how many belly rubs that dog should get for being such a good boy?

Via Time:

The homeowner told deputies his dog came home with a bag he initially thought was garbage. However, after inspecting the bag, the homeowner found that it contained a leafy substance that smelled like marijuana.


The homeowner then called the police, which is an interesting move! I personally wouldn’t narc on my extremely good dog who was just trying to be helpful, nor would I react to a bag of delicious marijuana by immediately calling the cops—not that they don’t want you to call, e.g. the following:

“Hello, officer? I appear to be in danger of having a great time?” I scream as my dog cowers in the corner.


Just kidding. In this scenario, I am the dog, obviously, who brought home “about a pound” of the devil’s entryway drug all told. “It is not known where the dog got the bag from,” says Time.

Image via Shutterstock