Extreme Couponer Tells Her Son Bedtime Stories About Coupons

TLC's Extreme Couponing returned last night with a new episode in which we met Callie, or as she likes to be called, "The Cajun Couponer." Callie is a 28-year-old stay-at-home Mom from Louisiana with a husband, two sons, and (surprise!) an addiction to coupons. How do I know it's an addiction? Well, when drag your children along with you as you go dumpster-diving for coupons, it sets off a red flag. And seriously, when your son asks for "The Coupon Story," at bedtime, there may be a problem. But we followed Callie and her family through the process of hunting down coupons and then shopping for the biggest meal she's ever made (gumbo, of course). It was a major success: She walked out of the grocery store with $1,164.91 of stuff, and made $138.22 off of the transaction.

How is this legal? Doesn't it seem like cheating? How can stores afford to give money away? How can people stand to wait in line behind these crazies? And how do these coupon-obsessed folks react when their math skills fail them and they save as much cash as they expected? Let Kelly show you.


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Serious question, since I can't see the vid, why would it be bad to take your kids dumpster diving? A red flag?? Unless its illegal where you are doing it, I see it more as an awesome lesson about recycling and thinking outside the box and saving money.

10ish years ago I used to visit several dumpsters outside craft stores and the "high class" apartment complexes around town. I got some amazing stuff this way!